A nwest test set to revolutionize and expose lies about body fat content

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Measuring body fat percentage is the new health standard ; DEXA Scan gives full picture

The Body Mass Index (BMI) using weighing machine and height scale, a reliable measure of weight, is less authentic indicator of body fat content now. It does not take into account how much weight is affected by muscle mass and bone. The body fat percentage and where it is distributed has now replaced BMI and body weight. The answer lies with DEXA Scan, which is a special type of low dose x-ray machine that helps diagnose bone related conditions and also measures  body fat, muscle mass and deep lying fat around organs (heart, liver, kidney).

“Increased fat around organs, is a real threat to health and cause of organ failure”

Obese and overweight Pakistani’s may soon be able to get a graphic insight into exactly how fat is distributed and invading their bodies. Many doctors in Pakistan and all over the world rate obesity as a major health concern like Diabetes and hypertension. The big variations in the way fat is stored in body is more important than just being overweight and having visible fat under the skin. Greatest risk to health is there when fat builds up around liver, heart and other organs. These are the people at most risk of diseases and we can only find that hidden risk by scanning with DEXA machine capable of Body composition analysis.

Body Composition DEXA, Another milestone in Diagnostic at IDC

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd., a premier diagnostic facility in the heart of twin cities, has a state-of-the-art DEXA (Whole Body) Scanner) which measures body fat, bone density, lean muscle and, crucially visceral fat (the type around your internal organs). Too much fat can raise your risk from diabetes to cancer. Even thin people can have high levels, so it’s definitely worth knowing your numbers.  ‘DEXA Scanner installed at IDC is considered as the gold standard for measuring body fat, lean mass and bone density to detect dormant health issues’, said Dr. Rizwan Uppal CEO at IDC. The machine by Hologic, a leading diagnostic products manufacturer from USA, is the most advanced DEXA Scanner available in Pakistan. This machine can provide a detailed body analysis giving accurate diagnosis of total body fat, lean mass and bone density in each area of the body, using a very low dose of X-Ray. A world view analysis can be made in as fast as five minutes time providing correct diagnosis taking into account factors such as height, weight and age.

It’s the invisible body fat around organs that is more dangerous than what we see with eye or assess by just using weighing machine.”

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. is always on the forefront of technological advancement with latest laboratory equipment and diagnostic machines that provide accurate and timely diagnostic services to its valued customers. IDC believes that ‘correct diagnosis is the key to successful and timely treatment’. Such commitment to excellence in diagnostic services has made IDC a leading medical facility in the country with over 23 branches spread in four cities of Pakistan. IDC is also the only recipient of ‘Best Medical Enterprise in South Asia’ by the prestigious Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly, UK.

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