Key Management

Dr. Rizwan Uppal

Founding Chairman/CEO

Dr. Rizwan has more than 27 years of experience of active clinical practice. As the Founder, Chairman and CEO of IDC, he has steered the company from a humble start up to being one of the leading diagnostic facilities of the country.

Dr. Rehan Uppal

Co-Founder/Deputy CEO

Dr. Rehan is a consultant Physician and a Holistic Care Physician with about 26 years of clinical practice. His cross departmental contribution as the Deputy CEO, right from the inception of IDC has been pivotal to the company’s success.

Mr. Bilal Aslam Qureshi

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Bilal is a top 4 FT(UK) MBA graduate from the University of Manchester, UK. A chartered certified accountant, He has around 15+ years of international working experience spanning various sectors including Telecom, Consulting and Healthcare.

Our Doctors