Total Lab Automation TLA at IDC

Total Lab Automation TLA at IDC

Known for its quality & quickest turnaround time (TAT) at affordable cost in medical diagnostics across Pakistan, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre believes that precise & timely diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. To continue its legacy of technological innovation IDC has launched an only of its kind, high speed Total Lab Automation solution from Roche Switzerland and Sysmex Japan

What is TLA?

Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) is an automation system for the performance of highly repetitive tasks in the Laboratory. It replaces human operators in the preparation and transport of specimens, with robotic devices.

What happens to the Samples?

Lab Samples land in the lab pre analytic of TLA through fast pneumatic channels where they are sorted using bar codes, centrifuged and put on tracks for their destination to fully automatic lab analyzers where they are performed and test reports are generated after Digital Sign (DS) at a very fast turnaround time. Sample tubes are then moved on the same tracks. This process is done using robotics, unique computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. The samples can be recalled at any time from the post analytical storage automatically with one click for re-testing. The Roche TLA ensures an error free, quickest possible & accurate diagnosis with minimal human intervention.

It can be rightly said that this is a new era of evolution in our healthcare sector.

Total Lab Automation (TLA) at IDC