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What is a Coronary Arteries CT Angiography (CTA)?

Coronary Arteries CT Angiography (CTA) is a noninvasive imaging technique that allows visualization of fat and calcium deposits, known as plaques, within the coronary arteries. These deposits can potentially lead to blockages, resulting in symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, and even heart attacks. Individuals with risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, family history of heart disease, diabetes, and smoking may be susceptible to developing these plaques.

Who Should Consider Coronary Arteries CT Angiography (CTA)?

Patients should consult their primary physician or cardiologist to determine if this imaging study is suitable for assessing their cardiac health. Common scenarios where a Coronary Arteries CTA might be recommended include:

  1. Evaluating individuals with unusual symptoms of coronary artery disease (such as chest pain or breathlessness unrelated to physical activity).
  2. Assessing high-risk patients with symptoms, despite normal stress test results, who are not suitable candidates for cardiac catheterization.
  3. Further investigating cases where stress test results are inconclusive or do not align with the patient’s symptoms.
  4. Examining the condition of cardiac bypass grafts and stents for potential blockages.

Purpose of Coronary Arteries CT Angiography (CTA)

Coronary Arteries CT Angiography is performed to detect:

  1. Narrowing or blockages in the coronary arteries caused by the buildup of fat (cholesterol) and calcium (plaques).
  2. Heart-related issues like pericarditis, heart valve damage, or injuries.
  3. Aneurysms or tears in the aorta, the large blood vessel carrying blood from the heart.
  4. Blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism).
  5. Peripheral arterial disease, involving narrowed leg veins.
  6. Abnormal blood vessel patterns that could indicate a tumor.

How is the Procedure Conducted?

Using a specialized x-ray machine known as a 128-slice multi-detector CT scanner, images of the heart and coronary arteries are captured. Contrast dye is administered intravenously during the scan. The patient lies on a table within a large circular structure during the procedure. Coronary Arteries CTA is painless and typically takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Preparation for Coronary Arteries CT Angiography (CTA)

Patients are advised to follow these guidelines:

  1. Fast for 4-5 hours before the procedure (water is allowed).
  2. Continue taking heart and blood pressure medications as prescribed.
  3. Heart rate and blood pressure will be assessed, and medication may be given if necessary.
  4. Diabetic patients should avoid taking Metformin for 36 to 48 hours before the CTA.
  5. Provide information about allergies/asthma history.
  6. Bring the referral from the Cardiologist and any relevant medical records.
  7. Avoid caffeine and smoking for 12 hours prior to the procedure to prevent cardiac stimulation.
  8. Creatinine levels will be checked before the CT scan.

Guidelines for Physicians

Physicians requesting the procedure should consider:

  1. Indications for the procedure.
  2. Serum Creatinine levels check.
  3. History of allergies/asthma.
  4. Consideration of heart rate lowering medications.
  5. Explanation of the procedure and associated risks, including contrast reactions.
  6. Minimum 4-hour fasting (NPO).

Radiology Department Guidelines

The Radiology Department should:

  1. Obtain patient consent for the procedure.
  2. Clearly explain the procedure in a friendly manner.
  3. Monitor pulse, blood pressure, and serum creatinine levels.
  4. Assess history of allergies/asthma (avoid Beta Blockers).
  5. Perform ECG checks as needed.
  6. Conduct breathing exercises to assess breath holding.
  7. Establish an IV line for contrast administration.
  8. Administer heart rate lowering medications (Beta Blockers not suitable for asthmatics).

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