Exclusive interview with Dr. Rizwan Uppal, Chairman and CEO of Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC)

In an insightful, exclusive interview, Dr Rizwan Uppal, the esteemed Chairman and CEO of Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC), shed light on IDC’s origins and inner workings. With passion and vision, Dr. Uppal traced the journey of IDC from its humble beginnings to its current standing as a leading healthcare provider in the region. He shared the guiding principles and values that have driven IDC’s success, such as a relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to patient care, and a strong emphasis on incorporating the latest technological advancements. Dr. Uppal also provided a glimpse into the seamless operations and efficient processes that enable IDC to deliver accurate, reliable, and timely diagnostic services. Furthermore, he highlighted the vital role IDC’s team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals played in upholding the highest standards of quality and patient satisfaction.