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Medical Tourism

International Thalassemia Day 8th May, 2015

We take this opportunity to inform you regarding very serious and dreaded disease “Thalassemia”. As you know 8th May is celebrated worldwide as “International Thalassemia Day”. Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, as a responsible partner offers special discount for Thalassemia Children. On International Day we are celebrating Thalassemia Week and offering 20% special discount on Thalassemia screening […]

Pipelle Sampling (Islamabad Diagnostic Center)

Pipelle Its new device used to take endometrial curetting. It’s a painless procedure in office setting. No anesthesia needed in this. No need for antibiotics or painkiller pre or post-procedure. Indication Irregular menstrual cycle after 40 years. HMB after 40 years. (If endometrial thickness > 15 mm). Postmenopausal bleeding (if endometrial thickness > 05 mm). […]