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Test List

S No;Test Name;Test Code;Sample Required;Performed;Reporting Day;View;
124 Hr Urine Calcium;24UCA;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;Detail
224 Hr Urine Creatinine;24UCR;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
324 Hr Urine Cortisol;24UCOR;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
424 Hr Urine Electrolytes;24UE;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
524 Hr Urine Magnesium;24UMG;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
624 Hr Urine Micr Albumin;24MIC;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
724 Hr Urine Phosphorous;24UPH;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
824 Hr Urine Protein;24UP;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
924 Hr Urine Urea;24UUR;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
1024 Hr Urine Uric Acid;24UUA;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
1124 Hr Urine/Serum Creatinine Clearance;24UCC;24 Hour Urine Collection;Daily;Same Day;
1225-OH Vitamin D;25OH;3 cc Serum;Monday & Thursday;Same Day;
13A/G Ratio;AGR;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
14A.L.T. (S.G.P.T.);GPT;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
15A.S.T. (S.G.O.T.);GOT;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
16Absolute Basophil Count;BASO;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
17Absolute Eosinophil Count;EOS;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
18Absolute Lymphocyte Count;LYMPHO;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
19Absolute Monocyte Count;MONOC;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
20Absolute Neutrophil Count;NEUT;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
21Activated Partial Prothrombin Time;APTT;3cc citrated Plasma;Daily;Same Day;
22AFB Culture By Bactec;AFBC;Sputum/Urine/Body Fluid;Daily;After 06 Weeks
23AFB Stain;AFB;Sputum/Urine/Body Fluid;Daily;Next Day
24Albumin;ALB;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
25Aldolase;ALDO;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
26Alkaline Phosphatase;ALP;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
27Alpha Feto Protein;AFP;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
28Amylase;AMY;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
29ANA Group Test (with 19 antigen);ANAGT;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
30ANA Profile (12 Antigens);ANAP;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
31ANCA (cANCA & pANCA);ANCA;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
32Angiotensin Converting Enzyme;ACE;1xB/3 cc Serum;Daily;Next Day
33Anti Cardiolipin IgM;ACAM;3 cc Serum;1st & 3rd Friday of the month;Same Day;
34Anti CCP;CCP;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
35Anti dsDNA;DANA;3 cc Serum;1st & 3rd Friday of the month;Same Day;
36Anti GBM Ab;GBM;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
37Anti Nuclear Factor/ Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis;ANF;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
38Anti Streptolysin O Titre (Latex);ASO;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
39Antithrombin III;ATH3;3 cc citrated Plasma;1st & 3rd Friday of the month;Following Monday
40Ascitic Fluid Routine Examination;ASF;3-5 ml Ascitic Fluid;Daily;Same Day;
41Auto Immune Liver Disease Profile;LIVER;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
42Barr Body Examination;BB;Patient to lab;Daily;After 02 Days;
43B12;B12;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
44Bence John Protein;BJP;Random Urine;Daily;Same Day;
45Beta 2 Microglobulin;B2MIC;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Days;
46Beta Cross Lap;XLAP;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
47Beta HCG;BHCG;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day
48Bicarbonate;BIC;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
49Bile Salts in urine;BS;Random Urine;Daily;Same Day;
50Billirubin Direct;DB;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
51Billirubin Indirect;IDB;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
52Billirubin Total;TB;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
53Biopsy Large;BIPL;Tissue fix in Formaline;Daily;After 7 Days;
54Biopsy Small;BIPS;Tissue fix in Formaline;Daily;After 7 Days;
55Bleeding Time;BT;Patient to Lab;Daily;Same Day;
56Blood Grouping with Rh Type;BLC;Whole blood in Bactec Media Bottle;Daily;After 4 Days;
57Blood Grouping with Rh Type;BG;3 cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
58Blood Urea Nitrogen;BUN;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
59BNP;BNP;3 cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
60Bone Marrow Aspiration;BMA;Patient to lab by appointment;Daily;After 3 Days;
61Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy;BMB;Patient to lab by appointment;Daily;After 7 Days;
62Brucella (abortus, melitensis);BRU;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
63C. Reactive Protein (Latex);;CRP;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
64C.S.F Culture & Sensitivity;CSFC;1 ml CSF;Daily;After 02 Days;
65C.S.F Routine Examination;CSF;3-5 ml CSF immidiate after drawn;Daily;Same Day;
66C3;C3;3 cc Serum;Every Thursday;Same Day;
67C4;C4;3 cc Serum;Every Thursday;Same Day;
68CA125;CA125;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
69Calprotectin (To differentiate IBS & IBD);CAL;Fresh Stool;Daily;Next Day;
70Calsium;CA;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
71Canabinoides;CANA;Random Urine;Daily;Same Day;
72CEA;CEA;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
73Chloride;ELECT;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
74Cholestrol;CH;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
75CKMB;CKMB;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
76Clotting Time;CT;Patient to Lab;Daily;Same Day;
77CMV IgG;CMVG;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
78CMV IgM;CMVM;3 cc Serum;Daily;Next Day;
79Coeliac Ig A ( Transglutaminase & Gliadin);CELIA;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
80Coeliac Ig G ( Transglutaminase & Gliadin);CELIG;3 cc Serum;Once in a week;07 Working Days;
81Complete Blood Count with Peripheral Film;CP;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
82Complete Blood Count with Peripheral Film (10yrs);CP10;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
83Complete Blood Count with Peripheral Film (13yrs);CP13;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
84Complete Blood Count with Peripheral Film (1Mon);CPIM;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
85Complete Blood Count with Peripheral Film (3Day);CP3D;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
86Coomb's Direct;COMD;3cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Same Day;
87Coomb's Indirect;COMID;3cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
88Cortisol (AM);CORAM;3 cc Serum collected at 8:00 AM;Daily;Same Day;
89Cortisol (PM);CORPM;3 cc Serum collected at 8:00 PM;Daily;Same Day;
90CPK;CPK;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
91Creatinine;CR;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
92Cryptosporodium in Stool;CRYP;Random Faeces;Daily;Next Day;
93Cyclosporine;CYCLO;3 cc EDTA Blood;Daily;Next Day;
94Cytogenetice/Karyotyping;CYTOG;3 cc Heparin Blood;Daily;03 weeks;
95Cytology;CYT;Any Sample;Daily;After 03 Days;
96D-Dimer;DD;3cc citrated Plasma;Daily;Same Day;
97Dengue IgM;DENGU;3 cc Serum;Every Friday;Same Day;
98Digoxin;DIG;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
99Ear Swab;ESC;Ear Swab;Daily;After 2 Days;
100ENA Profile;ENA;3 cc Serum;Alternate Friday;Following Saturday;
101Endomysial IgA;ENDOA;Serum;Every Saturday;Every Monday;
102Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate;ESR;Special ESR Tube;Daily;Same Day;
103Estradiol;ESTD;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
104Eye Swab Culture & Sensitivity;EYSC;Eye Swab;Daily;After 02 Days;
105Ferritin;FER;3 cc Serum;Daily;Same Day;
106Fiberinogen Level;FIB;3cc citrated Plasma;Daily;Same Day;
107Fibrinogen Degradation Products;FDP;3cc citrated Plasma;Daily;Same Day;
108Fluid A/G ratio;FAGR;10-15 ml Fluid;Daily;Same Day;
110Fluid Amylase;FAMY;10-15 ml Fluid;Daily;Same Day;