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Pipelle Sampling (Islamabad Diagnostic Center)


Its new device used to take endometrial curetting.

  • It’s a painless procedure in office setting.
  • No anesthesia needed in this.
  • No need for antibiotics or painkiller pre or post-procedure.


  • Irregular menstrual cycle after 40 years.
  • HMB after 40 years. (If endometrial thickness > 15 mm).
  • Postmenopausal bleeding (if endometrial thickness > 05 mm).
  • Failure to medical treatment
  • Abnormal Pap smear.
  • Before hysterectomy.


  • Sim’s speculem.
  • Cuscos spaculae / uterine sound.
  • Pipello kit.


  • Sin’s / cuscos introduced in vagina.
  • Cx  is localized.
  • Size of endometrial canal assessed by uterine sound.
  • Pipelle introduced and sample taken.
  • Sample sent for Histopathology.

Post procedure (oher pad to pattern)


  • Fulfills indications.
  • Bladder empty.
  • Bimanual examination performed.
  • Ultrasound performed.




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