For any doubt on diagnostic test performed at IDC, a free review / repeat is available to patients by contacting IDC. For any complain/suggestion please SMS @ 0313-2666368

Clinical Pathology & Parasitology

  • Urine analysis is done on a fully automated urine analyzer (DIRUI (FS 100 / H800). The instrument is based on the principle of Flow Cytometery which ensures accurate microscopy of urine sample. Further microscopic examination and evaluation is done by Consultant Pathologists in each shift.
  • The automated equipment is interfaced with lab software to minimize clerical errors.
  • Facility to provide urgent reports within one hour.
  • All Stool routine examinations are performed by Concentration Technique.
  • Body Fluids like Pleural fluid, Ascitic fluid, Synovial, CSF and Seminal fluid etc are examined by Consultant Pathologists.
  • All abnormal results are rechecked before being reported.


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