A doctor will order this test for the following reasons:

Focal Nerve Compression such as Carpal tunnel syndrome

Peripheral neuropathies

Radiculopathies (Nerve Root Compression)

Anterior Horn Cell Disorders


Neuro Muscular Junction Disorders (e.g Mayasthenia Gravis, Eaton Lanbert Myasthenic Syndrome)

EEG Helps diagnose?

  • Body Jerks
  • Body Stiffness
  • Eyes jerk etc.
  • Loss of Consciousness (LOC)
  • Febrile Fits
  • Epileptic Seizures
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Vertigo
  • Headache
  • Encephalitis or encephalopathy
  • Meningitis
  • Functional (Psychological ) attacks
  • Brain Death
  • Children and non cooperative patients should remain awake during 5-6 hours preceding the test.

Before the test

You do not need to fast and can have a light meal.

Do not apply any cream, oil, lotion or moisturiser on your body.

Wear loose-fitting clothing as this will allow your hands and legs to be examined easily.

For EEG do not apply lotion, cream or gel on your head

During the test

Under supervision of consultant neurophysiology.

You may experience some discomfort when the electric current passes through your nerves.

The procedure will take about 30 minutes.

For EEG at times you may be asked to open and close your eyes, and breathe rapidly for a few minutes.

Is the test safe?

The test is generally safe and there are no side effects.

When will I know the results?

Four hour turn around time (TAT) for your results.

For an appointment and to get this service

Please call Patient Services Department at
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Disclaimer: Every diagnostic test has scientific acceptable technology or technique based limitations of uncertainty of measurement, false positive or false negative and so do not fall under the domain of negligence. In case of any such scenario, we offer free repeat of test within 24-48 hours.