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International Thalassemia Day 8th May, 2015

We take this opportunity to inform you regarding very serious and dreaded disease “Thalassemia”. As you know 8th May is celebrated worldwide as “International Thalassemia Day”. Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, as a responsible partner offers special discount for Thalassemia Children. On International Day we are celebrating Thalassemia Week and offering 20% special discount on Thalassemia screening from 8th-14th May, 2015 as its humble contribution to the Thalassemia prevention cause.
Amongst other life threatening diseases Thalassemia (genetic disorder) is on the increase in Pakistan where lack of knowledge and ignorance continues to compound the problem. Thalassemia is a hereditary condition of blood, affecting the red blood cells that leads to their absolute or virtual deficiency in the body and ultimately makes the patient transfusion dependent for the rest of life.   Thalassemia has several types depending upon the causative genetic mutation, while has mainly three clinical types

  • Thalassemia Minor (Mild Anemia)
  • Thalassemia Major (Severe Anemia)
  • Thalassemia Intermedia (Mild to moderate Anemia)

Pakistan has an estimated carrier rate of 8-10% (around ten million people) of Thalassemia minor, whereas annually, almost 7 to 8 thousand children are born with the deadly disease of Thalassemia Major. Thalassemia Major Patients continue to deteriorate impacting in a major way Pakistan’s health and economic profile.
Thalassemia treatment is very costly whereas its prevention is very economical. Awareness & knowledge therefore assume a far greater importance as a compulsory intervention measure.
“Get tested, before it really tests you”. Early diagnosis can save our future generation from enormous problems and challenges.
Thalassemia diagnostic tests:

  • Blood CP
  • Hb Electrophoresis
  • Iron Studies ( Serum Iron, Serum Ferritin & TIBC)

The survival of Thalassemia Majors depends upon regular blood transfusions which gives normal red blood cells and corrects their anaemia for few days and the process continues throughout their life. After receiving multiple blood transfusions, iron overloaded in their body and it can damage their different organs and cause various complications.  Iron removal from the body is called chelation and it’s very significant for preventing different complications. Bone marrow transplantation is a cure for severe Thalassemia but the procedure itself is quite costly and has its own associated complications. Many of the affected families cannot afford it. The only economical solution therefore remains to be “Education” as part of a comprehensive Awareness Program.
Regular blood transfusions, expensive medications, regrets, psychological disorders, financial burdens and enormous problem or early diagnosis of Thalassemia?


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