Dexa Bone Scan

Osteoporosis affects 60% over the age of 50. The majority of these people are women, but men are at risk too. Most often osteoporosis (the disease of porous bones) affects women with a drop in estrogen production, possibly due to menopause or an oophorectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries) and men with a reduced testosterone production. Women are affected earlier because their hormone production change is much more abrupt than that of men. This disease leads to crippling pain and life-threatening fractures.
Modern science has found a way of detecting and controlling Osteoporosis. This includes a specific diet, exercise, prescription treatments with calcium and vitamin D and regular screenings with DEXA scans.
Islamabad Diagnostic Center is equipped with a Delphi bone densitometer with FRAX capibility (Fracture Risk Assessment over coming 10 years). The Delphi is a high performance micro x-ray scanning machine. It utilizes fan beam technology and used solely for the detection of osteoporosis. DEXA scans are vital to early detection and control of Osteoporosis and can prevent a lot of pain and suffering on the part of the patient if done regularly.

Whole Body DEXA Scan
Whole body imaging usually takes 7 minutes.
It is usually done to rule out fat content and lean body mass
It also helps in monitoring the changes in bones in the patients undergoing chemotherapy.

No need to take any appointment for DEXA whole body.
Islamabad Diagnostic Centre provides 24 hour 7 days services for DEXA Scan.
IF patient is female and is restricted about female attendant then DEXA will be performed between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

For an appointment and to get this service

Please call Patient Services Department at
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