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Cancer Awareness and prevention

While there have been strides in the diagnostics, prevention and cure of Cancer, a lot still needs to be done in this regard. 4th February is celebrated worldwide as “World Cancer Day”.  As a positive and proactive approach to the fight against Cancer, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre feels its responsibility and offers 20% special discount for all in house Cancer screening tests from 4th to 11th February, 2015 as its humble contribution to the Cancer prevention cause.
Malignant neoplasm is called cancer. All tumors are not cancerous. Cancer spreads to other parts of the body and can cause death. However benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.
There are over 100 types of different known cancers that affect humans.
Most common types of cancers in males and females are:
Males: Prostate Cancer, Lungs Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lymphomas/Blood Cancers
Females: Breast Cancer, Gynecological Malignancies, Colorectal Cancer, Lungs Cancer and Lymphomas
Geographic and environmental factors, genetic predisposition, radiations, ultraviolet rays cause Cancer.
The chance of hidden Cancer diagnosis increases if you have following sign & symptoms:
A new lump, abnormal bleeding, chronic and viral infections, recurrent infections, prolonged cough, prolonged fever,  unexplained weight loss, anorexia, use of tobacco and change in bowel movements.
Cancer is not beyond us. Early detection, treatment and care can largely reduce the risk of cancer related morbidity and mortality. An early and accurate diagnosis followed by prompt treatment is thus critical to save us and our loved ones from Cancer associated complications and sufferings.
Some tests related to Cancer diagnosis are:-

  • Blood CP for Leukemias
  • Pap Smear
  • MRI, CT Scan , Chest X-ray, Mammogram and Ultrasound
  • FNAC of any lump
  • Cytology of any body fluid (Urine, CSF, Ascitic fluid, Pleural fluid and Sputum)
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy/ Trephine
  • Tumor Markers (CA125, CEA, Alpha Fetoprotein, PSA etc)
  • Bone Scan


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