Best DEXA Scan in Lahore

Latest and Best DEXA Scan in Lahore at Islamabad Diagnostic Centre :

At IDC, we proudly offer convenient same-day DEXA scan services with prompt report delivery by our skilled radiologists.

Experience a Swift DEXA Scan at IDC:

The DEXA scan, a painless and non-invasive procedure, can be completed within just 15 to 20 minutes. During the scan, you’ll recline comfortably as our scanner captures images of your spine, hip, or forearm.

Understanding the DEXA Scan:

A DEXA scan evaluates bone density to gauge your vulnerability to osteoporosis—a condition that renders bones fragile and susceptible to fractures. Furthermore, this scan can detect other bone-related conditions such as osteopenia (reduced bone density), brittle bone disease, and osteomalacia (softened bones). Precise imaging is achieved through low-dose X-ray beams. The process is brief, entirely safe, and free from discomfort. Consider a DEXA scan if you exhibit any of the following:

A history of osteoporosis or familial predisposition.

Suffered a fracture due to a minor fall or injury.

Experienced early menopause or undergone an early hysterectomy.

Have a family history of fractures. Possess a low body mass index (BMI) below 21. Struggle with an eating disorder. Are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Confront inflammatory bowel conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. Take medications that could heighten the risk of osteoporosis. Deal with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

Trust IDC for Accurate Diagnoses and Effective Treatment:

When it comes to obtaining accurate diagnoses through advanced DEXA Scan, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC) stands as a trusted and reliable choice. Islamabad Diagnostic Center (IDC) offers the best DEXA Scan in Lahore. At IDC, we believe every patient deserves access to affordable and reliable healthcare, so we offer a low-price DEXA Scan without compromising the quality of care. Book your best DEXA Scan in Lahore today and initiate your journey towards precise diagnoses and successful treatment outcomes.

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Disclaimer: Every diagnostic test has scientific acceptable technology or technique based limitations of uncertainty of measurement, false positive or false negative and so do not fall under the domain of negligence. In case of any such scenario, we offer free repeat of test within 24-48 hours.