For any doubt on diagnostic test performed at IDC, a free review / repeat is available to patients by contacting IDC. For any complain/suggestion please SMS @ 0313-2666368


Ans: Due to PACS software facility its possible to retrieve old data in shape of films and images. duplicate reports can be printed on request anytime, anywhere from IDC branches and collection points.
Ans: No  worry at all. Our software send automated sms alert on your given mobile number. You will receive your registration number, PIN & Password for online reporting service. If you missed that sms than give your telephone number to IDC reporting desk, they will provide you reports.
• You should have light dinner at night. • 4-6 tablets dulcolux/ maxolone 15 minutes after dinner. • Please arrive empty stomach in morning • Please remember to bring an extra pair of clothes
• Light dinner one night before, nothing solid. • For adult 6 tablets and for children 4 tablets dulcolux/maxolone before sleeping • Please come in fasting in morning
6 to 8 hours over night fasting& no laxatives required.
X-rays are dangerous for pregnant ladies so you should confirm us before taking an appointment. • Light dinner at night (porridge, custard). • 4-6 tablets (dulcolux) laxatives before sleeping. • Come with fasting in morning
Liquid intake should be increased before the study & patient should come with full bladder.
At least you should drink 6-8 glass of water before your Ultrasound. Full Bladder is required. Patient should hold the urine for two hours before the test.
• The patient should come with fasting or at least 5 hours empty stomach. • Diabetic, weak, sick or small in age patients can take light snacks. • In case of gall bladder investigation, strict fasting should be observed & dairy products should be avoided, even tea.
• Do come with previous record. • Patient should have no metal object in dress as well as in the body like (metal rod in leg & arms etc) • Come without under garments. • Patient should remove any metal object before the test. (Like belt, Visa Card)
Dexa Scan at IDC requires 20-25 minutes.
You should not be taking any calcium or multivitamin supplements before one day of your Dexa Scan.
After the procedure you may experience slight vaginal bleeding, cramps, feeling dizzy and faint.
No, it’s not too much painful. Local anesthesia gel is used during procedure for pain relieve. You may feel a slight pinch or tug as this is done.
It is best to have HSG done in the 8-9th day of the menstrual cycle.
Avoid physical relations with your husband before your procedure to be done. When you will get an appointment for your HSG , take a good pain reliever before 1 hour of procedure. Bring undergarments and sanitary pad along with you.
We ask that all patients should leave their jewelry at home. There should be no metal on the body. Female should bring their hair catchers to tie their hairs. Under garments should be removed from the body.
An OPG is an X-Ray image of your whole jaw. The X-Ray machine moves around your head while taking the image. Before the procedure can take place, you will need to remove glass, dentures and any jewelry from your head and neck. You must tell your doctor or radiographer if you are or think, you could be pregnant.
MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique that provides superior resolution without side effects because it uses magnetic signals (not radiation) to see through the body whereas CT scans expose you to slightly more radiation than normal x-ray.
The middle portion of urine is called midstream urine. Patient is advised to discard initial portion of urine and last portion of urine, whereas the middle portion of urine is collected in the container.
The preferred sample for urine culture is early morning midstream urine
A random sample is one that can be collected at any time
Initially a fasting blood sample is taken, if its result is in normal range, the patient is asked to take required quantity of glucose orally. After that blood samples are taken at one hour interval
Glucose tolerance test is done with 75 gram glucose dose or 100 gram glucose dose.
Glucose tolerance test is done for screening purpose for diabetes mellitus
In medical fasting patient can take sips of plain water only.
Best time for Lipid profile is with 10 to 12 hours medical fasting.
Our normal reporting timings depends upon the nature of tests. Following are the timings according to specialities: • Routine Chemistry after every 2 hours • Special Chemistry after every 3 hours • Serology after 2 hours • Hematology 3 hours • Clinical Pathology 2 hours • Cultures after 3 days • PCR after 24 hours • Histopathology & Bone Marrow Aspiration & Trephine after one week • Hb Electrophoresis after 3 days • Ultrasounds after study 5-10 Minutes • Dexa Scan after study 5-10 Minutes • OPG after study 5-10 Minutes • MRI & CT Scan after study 24-48 hours • X-ray after study 2-6 hours
Yes IDC can provide you urgent reports on request.
There are adequate parking areas on three sides of the building of IDC.
Due to patient’s confidentiality IDC radiographers and technical staff are not allowed to give their opinion and suggestions to the patients.
Our team follows the highest standards of medical ethics in respect of confidentiality. Very frequently people want to know their reports on telephone which is not allowed. In special cases, the pathologist or radiographer can discuss a report with the patient.
Yes you can collect your final report from any point or branch of IDC.
X-ray KUB, RUG, MCUG, IVU, Barium studies, MRI, Ultrasounds, FNAC, Bone Marrow Aspiration/ Biopsy require prior appointment and preparations.

Female doctor is available for ECHO from 6-8 pm.

IDC is providing ECHO services daily from 2-8 Pm under the supervision of a senior Cardiologist.
After registration you will receive a software generated SMS containing your PIN & Password along with IDC web link. You can view your previous reports as well.

When you enter IDC you will find the front desk counter, take a token and wait for your turn. After registration it will take maximum of 5-15 minutes. IDC gives priority to senior citizens.


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