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News & Updates

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd has always been ahead to introduce newer technology when it comes to diagnostics. IDC is pleased to announce High Definition State of the Art X-era Smart Compact OPG with CYPH capabilities having direct CMOS Sensor by Yoshida.

Following are salient features:

High definition images yield precise shape of root canal and apical direction.

  1. Wide field of view (FOV) captures entire maxillary and/ ormandibular arch in one shot.
  2. X-era Smart protects patients from radiation exposure while capturing the desired area.
  3. Direct CMOS sensor directly converts X-ray to electronic signal and creates a blur-free image.
  4. Up to 4500 images are captured in single shot to produce high definition image.
  5. Multi Focal Layer Technology enables optimal focusing unique panoramic image construction technology automatically selects the most optimal focal layer position a exposure completes. Re-focusing on any spots is also possible to reconstruct the clear image.
  6. Direct CMOS sensor enables the high quality image while reducing the patient dose by 50%.
  7. By minimizing the exposure time, patient dose is also minimized. It also reduces risk of the retake due to the radio-graphic failure caused by patient’s movement.
  8. Active tomography allows reconstruction of the image corresponding to anatomical shape and size of each patient even after the exposure.

October, 2014

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre celebrated “Pink Ribbon Week” from 17th to 23rd October, 2014. IDC as a responsible partner offered special discount for Breast Cancer screening as its humble contribution tothe Breast Cancer Awareness and its prevention.

It is pertinent to mention that a state- of –the- Art GE S-7 machine with 4D capabilities & ELASTOGRAPHY module is now available at IDC.

Breast Cancer is a leading cause of death amongst women globally. Timely diagnosis can largely reduce the risk of cancer related morbidity and mortality. An early and accurate diagnosis followed by prompt treatment is thus critical to a woman’s health.

Elastography is a unique but most advanced least invasive and safe new technology for detection of Breast Cancer.

Salient features of Elastography

A special ultrasound machine generates an image known as ELASTOGRAM, which is based upon comparative details about internal tissues and structure using the variation in the elastic behavior of different regions.

  1. This is not otherwise obtainable in a normal Ultrasound scan.
  2. It’s specific and effective in revealing hard, inflexible lumps and suspicious areas in breast.
  3. It’s safe for women of all ages.

Other services to diagnose Breast Cancer

  1. Regular Self Examination.
  2. X-Ray Digital Mammography (X-ray of breast , usually recommended above age 40).
  3. Ultrasound Mammography (used to target a specific area of concern found on the Mammogram and distinguish between cysts and solid masses).
  4. MR Mammography (based on Magnetic Resonance Mammogram and determine the actual size of the cancer ).
  5. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (tissue from affected area is taken and reviewed by Histopathologist for confirmation of Cancer).
  6. Tumor Markers & other Lab tests for Breast Cancer (CEA, CA15-3, ER/PR, HER2 & BRCA-1 & 2 for gene testing).

November, 2014

Diabetes is a silent killer. 14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day, thus IDC celebrated Diabetes Awareness Week from 14th- 21st November, 2014. As a special gesture to encourage preventive measures, all patients came for diabetes screening availed special discount throughout the week.

Correct diagnosis is a key to successful treatment. Almost 382 million people are living with Diabetes worldwide and about half of the people remain un diagnosed. Timely diagnosis can largely reduce the risk of Diabetes related complications such as diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, heart disease, bone & joints disorders, skin & dental problems, gastro – intestinal diseases and vascular complications. In addition to Routine Blood Sugar & HBA1C, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd offers full range of advanced diagnostic tests for Diabetes.

  1. C-Peptide
  2. Urine for Microalbumin
  3. Glucose Tolerance Test
  4. Glucose Challenge Test
  5. Urine Sugar
  6. Serum Insulin Level
  7. Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)

Diabetes not only affects the patient’s life but also affects the whole family. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia may affect daily routine life. Mild life style modifications such as regular walk, weight control, exercise and balanced diet can help us to control diabetes. Being very thirsty, urinating often, feeling very hungry or tired, weight loss with normal diet, having sores that heal slowly, having dry mouth, tingling in feet and blurry vision can draw your attention to get yourself screened for diabetes.

December, 2014

Every year, 1st December is celebrated worldwide as “World AIDS Day”. People wear red ribbons to show solidarity worldwide. Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC) Pvt. Ltd realizes its role to spread awareness about this deadly disease by creating awareness and also by offering a special special discount for HIV/AIDS screening from 1st to 7th December, 2014.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causes AIDS, which weakens immune system by destroying white blood cells. This results in failure to fight disease and infections. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome  (AIDS) is a killer disease. This disease has particularly caused serious health, Psychological, economical and social problems in the developing, developed and underdeveloped world.

While there have been strides in the diagnostics, prevention and cure of HIV, a lot still needs to be done in this

regard. HIV transmission mainly occurs through infected blood products and bodily secretion in unprotected sex. Other common means of HIV spread are via contaminated equipment, syringes, needles, razors sharing in I.V. Drug abusers, ear/nose piercing & tattooing, etc. Infected mother can transmit HIV to child during pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding. The disease does not spread by contact, or touching.

After exposure to HIV, initially a person may experience brief periods of influenza-like illness progressing in severity.

HIV infected people in advanced stage suffer from constellation of symptoms/syndrome known as Acquired immune Deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The patient may experience rapid weight loss, recurring fever, night sweats, tiredness, prolonged swelling of the lymph glands in the armpits, groins or neck, diarrhea that lasts for more than a week, mouth sores, pneumonia, red, brown, pink blotches on or under the skin or inside the moth, nose and eyelids, memory loss, depression, various skin malignancies, and neurological with psychological disorders. Many HIV positive people initially do not experience any symptoms till they progress towards AIDS. Prevention from HIV is only possible through spreading awareness about this deadly disease, how it transmits, how it can be diagnosed at early stage and timely treatment if contracted.