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Ramadan health guide

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On behalf of Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd., I feel delighted to share Ramadan Health Guide for all those who will be fasting this year. The Purpose of this initiative is to provide knowledge and advice on maximizing health gain during Ramadan. This guide will be addressing some significant health concerns which are faced by […]

A nwest test set to revolutionize and expose lies about body fat content

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Measuring body fat percentage is the new health standard ; DEXA Scan gives full picture The Body Mass Index (BMI) using weighing machine and height scale, a reliable measure of weight, is less authentic indicator of body fat content now. It does not take into account how much weight is affected by muscle mass and […]

Abraaj group partnership with Islamabad Diagnostics Centre (“IDC”) Pvt. Ltd

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The Abraaj Group (“Abraaj” or the “Group”), a leading investor operating in global growth markets, today announced that it has partnered with Islamabad Diagnostics Centre (“IDC” or the “Company”), a leading diagnostics chain in Pakistan, through its Funds. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Rizwan Uppal, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Nafees Medical College, and his […]

Islamabad Diagnostics centre (IDC) Pvt. Ltd.

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